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Learn more about maintenance. The garage door tips that work all the time.

Never mess with the springs

Even though you might have some knowledge in garage doors, experts suggest that you do not tamper with the garage door springs, as well as any other part of the door. Any slight adjustment can cause the door to come crashing down, which can be dangerous to anyone nearby.

Simple maintenance is key

If you are keen on some do-it-yourself work on the garage door, be sure to only perform simple maintenance on the garage door parts. This can be accomplished with the help of a good lubricant. Tasks that are more complex, such as replacing faulty parts, should be done carefully, preferably by our experts.

Don't stand under the open garage door

Standing under the open overhead door can be dangerous, especially if the door is not maintained recently and the sensors haven't been checked lately. The smallest problem with garage door parts may cause the door to fall, especially if the opener sensors do not work fine.

Make sure the door is not moving when you pass through

When parking or going in or out of your garage, make sure that the garage door has stopped moving before passing through. According to our experts, many accidents with garage doors happen when owners absentmindedly park or walk in as the garage door closes.

Get a new opener if your current device was made before 1993.

The specialists of Garage Door Repair Sacramento highly recommend this replacement since the openers made before 1993 do not come with a safety reversal mechanism and sensors for detecting objects underneath the door during closing. This makes them quite dangerous especially for small children and pets. Besides, a more advanced opener will open the door more slowly and use less energy when operating.

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