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What is the ideal amount of headroom needed?

Our skilled professionals say that it depends on the type of spring system your door is using. A minimum of 10 inches is needed for extension springs, while torsion springs will need around 12 inches. However, it is recommended that you leave extra headroom if you intend to install an automatic opener.

Can I still use a garage door opener with insufficient headroom?

You still can. According to specialists in the field, low headroom kits are available in various hardware stores. It is possible to reduce the amount of necessary headroom to 4 ½ inches, for both extension and torsion springs.

Why must extension springs be of specific lengths?

Extension springs for garage doors are designed to fit certain door heights and so you must pick the right length. Springs for 7' doors won't do for 8' ones. If the door is taller, the spring will stretch more than it was designed to and be ruined much faster according to our experts.

Is it still efficient to use classic wooden garage doors?

Perhaps the only problem that people who use wooden classic garage doors come by is the effort it takes to perform garage door maintenance. Our garage door experts would advise looking to more conventional garage doors is the maintenance is proving too much of a hassle.

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