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Garage Door Maintenance

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It is important for homeowners to keep their garage doors working smoothly, as a broken garage door can be an invitation for intruders and will not provide needed protection for your belongings. This is why it is a good idea to have regular residential garage door company maintenance done by a professional garage door maintenance company. The professional can help with regular service calls and questions about garage door openers while he can conduct scheduled garage door maintenance to keep the door working in top condition. He can also detect any small problems early on before they become bigger problems.Garage Door Maintenance in California

Garage door maintenance company

If you own or rent real estate in the area, keeping the garage door working properly increases the home’s value. Our local garage door maintenance company not only inspects and repairs, but also does installation of doors when necessary. We work only with the best manufacturers to ensure the quality of our products. 

* Chamberlain

* Stanley

* Clopay

There are many things that can go wrong with garage doors, so if your door is opening slowly or making strange noises, you need to call our licensed garage door maintenance company to come out for a free estimate. Whether the doors just need some lubrication or the opener needs replacement, we have the proper tools and the expertise to handle these or even more complicated tasks.

Our technicians have acquired good training and have a long experience on garage doors. Their guidance and advice could be invaluable because they know the behavior of the doors and can consult you accordingly. Garage doors must be maintained at least once a year by professional experts in order to avoid multiple repairs in the meantime.

Routine garage door maintenance requires scheduled visits from our professionals, who will come out and inspect your doors springs and other working parts. They can lubricate the working mechanisms and make sure everything is in working order. They will tighten the screws and the bolts; examine the hinges, the rollers, the cables and the tracks. They will engage on opener troubleshooting and they will proceed with the necessary repairs and replacements.

The annual maintenance and adjustment service is necessary because it will ensure the outstanding performance of your door and will guarantee its stability and durability for a very long time. This way, you can feel safe within your property.

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